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Personalised Poems for all occasions

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Are you looking for a special gift with a unique personal message?

It's difficult, sometimes, to express your true feelings and to show someone just how very special they are.

Our beautiful poems, individually worded to capture every emotion, act as a lifelong reminder of your affection and touch the heart of anyone receiving them.

Personalised poetry is especially suitable for:

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If Only ...

If only you could find a verse
Whatever time of day
To tell that special someone
The words so hard to say

If only you could find a way
To ease their broken heart
At the passing of a loved one
How can you even start
To tell them that you're always there
Through a special, heartfelt rhyme
Your feelings, thoughts, emotions
Not prisoners of time

If only you had choices
With a card for every mood
Some for weddings and for christenings
And others just plain rude
We've verses with "You're in my thoughts"
And ones that say "Well done"
To celebrate a special date
Or rejoice a new born son

A verse for all occasions
Your search, we hope, is through
At last, you've found an answer
At poetry4you

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